Do you want to know your biggest enemy?

The bible teaches us that we have three enemies that try to mess up your life. They want to defeat your family, they want defeat your life, they want to steal your soul; they want keep you from having purpose and meaning in life and these enemies come against you in triple team. The bible call these enemies are the world, the flesh and the devils. The world comes around you, the Satan comes against you and the body with you is with in you.

But surprisingly, your biggest enemy is not Satan or world. Your biggest enemy is you; you’re your biggest problem. This is because as believer we have two natures; you have your old nature that want to do what is easy, what is quick, what is fan and convenient .things that is even self-destructive to you not necessarily the best thing, the right thing or even what is good for you.

In other words there are things you know they would be good for you, helpful to you but you don’t do it and there are things that are  bad for you  that can mess up your life and you still do.

Romans 7: Paul said that” I want to do the right things but I don’t and I don’t want to do wrong things but I do” that is the story of you and the story of me, we have internal resistance that want us to what is easy but in other words destructive  to us, you know for more than you actually doing.  Most of you who have unhappiness in life is because you risen  to you instead of God, and you do that by telling your staff, your  bad thought  that is true, just because you have the thought does not mean that is true. The life is about making choice, please chose to risen to what God instruct you to do, you will live better life

Next session we are going to give you the six weapons of self-destruction. Stay in touch with our website. God Bless you

Referred to Rick Warren Word of Wisdom

Sinjyeniyo Salomon

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